About Roka Pizza

Situated in Sandgate, ROKA, featuring a large wood oven, has a real passion for food, shared by all members of its highly skilled team.

Enjoy our food in our restaurant, take it away, or have it delivered.

ROKA is a family business, much influenced by Mediterranean travel, offering authentic pizza reminiscent of Italy and France; we are lucky enough to have pizza chefs who have flown over from Italy especially to join ROKA. We are dedicated to delivering a special experience. We have a vision of creating a space for people who are passionate about food, who enjoy music, travel and all things that make life interesting – or who just want to appreciate the beauty of the locality.

To this end, we have designed and created a place which is attractive and welcoming for you to enjoy our food. We also offer the option of delivery on orders over £15 and within a three-mile radius. You also have the choice of our take-away service: the beach is very close, so why not take your food with you and enjoy the view and the atmosphere!

We want you to love our great-tasting, high quality food – and we want your body to love it too. So we use only the freshest vegetables from a local supplier, and top quality Italian meats and produce from a specialist supplier that has catered for Italian restaurants since 1968.

Our dough mix was carefully selected by us and our chefs: 20% wholemeal flour means that it is better for the digestion and has a lower GI than other dough mixes.

This philosophy of food runs throughout our business. Between midday and 5pm we offer Puccias, a freshly baked typical Italian sandwich, made from our pizza dough, then toasted – a great lunchtime option.

We also offer a selection of cakes, created and made in-house by a chef with four years’experience in a Parisian kitchen. He uses less flour than in traditional recipes, and introduces ingredients such as ground almonds, polenta and real cocoa, not sacrificing taste but enhancing it, and resulting in the same light cakes.

Our daytime menu goes perfectly with our Italian coffee, or cold drinks such as San Pellegrino or iced tea with refreshing and exotic flavours.